Aurora Model MIB 1969 GLOW Hunchback FACTORY SEALED

Aurora Model MIB 1969 GLOW Hunchback FACTORY SEALED



Scattered "surface" dirt that's underneath the cello. Should easily wipe off - but you'd have to unwrap it!

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Aurora 1969 Hunchback of Notre Dame Model - FACTORY SEALED; The Glow Series
After the success of the original monster kits in the early and mid 1960's, Aurora must have needed to jazz up the line a bit - they did this by introducing the "Glow in the Dark" series of kits in 1969.  Technically, the glow kits had their birth with the "Frightening Lightening" series - basically the long box kits with a lightning bolt running across the box lid and glow parts added...however, the series didn't use the 'Glow in the Dark' tag line until the introduction of the square boxed kits late in 1969 (and suspiciously absent from the Frightening Lightening line was the Hunchback). These 'square boxed' kits were the same artwork - cropped to now fit a square format  - with 'glow' highlights added.  These "1st issue" boxes are identified by the copyright (1969 :) ) and are a "solid" box format (ie the box is firmer than the later issues and cannot be folded).  Although most of the '69 series kits retained the 'gift wrap' cello of the long box series, there were a few transition boxes that were sealed with shrink wrap as all the '72 series would be.

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