We spend every minute we can buying vintage toys, dolls, comic books, and modern collectibles!

Vintage Toys
Vintage Toys - Pre-1980's
We love buying single toys to vast toy collections!  We want too many toys to give you a complete, comprehensive list (our love of toys is insatiable!), See below for specific toy categories we're looking for.  Don’t see it???Ask!!

Action Figures
Big Jim – 007 James Bond - G I Joe 12" (pre-1980's) - Mego World's Greatest Super Heroes - Captain Action - Evel Knievel

Slot Cars (Aurora, Thunderjets, AFX, Tyco, Tomy)
Die Cast Cars (Corgi)
 Hotwheels (Redlines & newer)
Promo cars - Vertibird

Hanna-Barbera - Marx Tinykins, Marx Playsets

Aurora - Deluxe Reading - Hasbro - Ideal - Kenner - LJN - Mattel - Remco - Topper
Vintage Dolls
Vintage Dolls- Pre-1980's
We love buying single dolls to vast doll collections! If your dolls need a new home, take a look to see some of the specific doll categories we're looking for. We’ll take care of them and find them a good home!

Barbie (Vintage/Mod)
Arranbee (R & B)
Liddle Kiddles
Little Miss No Name
Madame Alexander
Mattel Talkers
Paper Dolls, Vintage (Pre-1980)
Raggedy Ann & Andy
Strawberry Shortcake
Terri Lee
Trolls (Dam)
Vintage Comic Books
Comic Books
We WANT comics! One or hundreds!!! We remember visiting the local 7-11 for the latest issue of the Fantastic Four on the way home from school! Our first love is Super-hero comics - but we still want humor, sci-fi, western comics. There are too many to list, but take a look below to see some of the specific categories we're looking for!

Marvel Super Heroes
Amazing Spiderman - Incredible Hulk - Invincible Iron Man - Tales to Astonish - Tales of Suspense - Fantastic Four – Avengers – Daredevil - Thor

D.C. Super Heroes
Batman - Detective Comics - The Flash - Green Arrow/Green Lantern - Justice League - World's Best Comics – World's Finest Comics

Original Art
Model Kits
Model Kits
One of the first things we started collecting - oh so long ago - were Aurora figure kits. Boxed! Built Up! Factory Built Ups! Sealed! Bits & Parts! We like it all! While we tend to specialize in figure and character kits, we also purchase military kits (planes, tanks, automobiles, dioramas), car airplanes. Below is just SMALL partial list…

Super Heroes
Batman - Superman - Penguin - Wonder Woman - Spider-Man - Captain America – Incredible Hulk

Universal Monsters
Frankenstein - Dracula - Mummy - Wolf Man - The Bride - King Kong – Godzilla - Creature From The Black Lagoon - Munsters - Addam's Family - Vampirella

Air Force Pilot - Marine - Soldier - Viking - Gladiator - Sparticus – Hercules - Jesse James

Science Fiction
Lost in Space - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Land of the Giants - Voyager Spaceship - Alien - Star Trek - Harryhausen

Model Kit Lines
Aurora – AMT - Revell - Monogram Modern - Yagher Aurora Tribute – Billiken - Polar Lights - Moebius - Monsters In Motion


Disney..Disney..Disney. Disneyland for our honeymoon, with friends, with our kids….Happiest place on earth! Our first love is almost always figural - but we love Disney items of all kinds from all eras. There are too many to choose from! Take a look to see some of the specific Disney items we're looking for:

American Pottery - Brayton - Shaw Pottery - Hagen-Renaker - Walt Disney Classics Collections (WDCC)

Limited Editions & More
Danbury Mint - Bradford Exchange - Convention Exclusives - Disney Showcase - Swarovski - Big Figs - Enamel Pins - Jewelry - Watches - Posters - Lobby Cards - Wind Up Toys - Tin Toys - Battery-Operated Toys - Disneykins - Store Displays - R. John Wright
Estate Collections

Estate Collections

Been collecting for decades and decided to move? The thought of cleaning & sorting & packing and/or disposing of each item from a decades long collection is a bit daunting?

Inherit a collection you know nothing about? We're the perfect solution! Back in the "olden days", you'd have to pay someone to clean out a house and get it ready for sale. Let us help by PAYING YOU for the privilege of cleaning out the house. You won't have to touch a thing. We'll make an entire offer as-is. We'll bring our own packing materials and pack it all up! What are you waiting for?

Give us a call or send us an e-mail! Can't hurt!
Modern Statues

Modern Pop Culture Statues

The modern pop culture statue boom began in the late 80's with DC's introduction of the very limited release of the Kent Melton Batman and Joker statues for the 1989 Batman film (for us, it was love at first sight!) and a few years later DC would continue the theme with the Bowen designed Batman gargoyle statue! And then the flood gates opened up! There is no way to give you a complete, comprehensive list because there are soooo many great statues! Take a look to see some of the specific statue lines we're looking for:

Walt Disney Classics Collection - DC Direct - Sideshow - Hot Toys - Bowen Designs - Kent Melton and More!
Modern Toys - Post 1979

Modern Toys - Post 1979

Yes, we know. How can something that's as long ago as 40 years be considered "modern"? Well, you'll just have to forgive our old-timey outlook on things! We're old enough to have scoured the local Kay-bee Stores for the 2/$1.00 Kenner Star Wars clearance! So anything from this point on will always be "modern" to us! Here's just some of the toy lines we're looking for:

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Go-Bots - He-Man/Masters of the Universe (MOTU) - Hot Toys - Jurasic Park - Madballs - M.A.S.K. - Marshall Bravestarr - Neca - Sideshow - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Silverhawks - Thundercats - Transformers - Video Game Figures - Voltron - Wrestling Figures (WWE, WWWF, LJN)
Modern Dolls - Post 1989

Modern Dolls - Post 1989

For the longest time, when we heard the term "American Girl", we thought solely of the moniker given to the first Bendable Leg Barbie doll of 1967 (why she's termed this is unknown to us). So, yes, we're a bit clueless about the modern doll era. But don’t let that stop you from contacting us with a collection to sell. We have sold a few American Girl dolls in our time. And we’re always looking to expand our selection and knowledge. Just be gentle with us! Some items we’re interested in:

Barbie (1980’s/1990’s Pink Box, Adult Collector Series) - Care Bears - Jem - My Little Pony - Rainbow Brite - Sailor Moon - She-Ra - Tonner


The Classic Monster movies…we watch year…after year…after year. Just so good! And we LOVE all thing monsters! Let us know what you have! Although there’s no way to give you a complete, comprehensive list (our love of monsters is insatiable!), take a look to see some of the specic monster categories we're looking for:

Universal Monsters
Dracula - Frankenstein - Bride of Frankenstein - Creature From The Black Lagoon - Wolf Man - Mummy - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Hunchback (technically not Universal but let's put him here anyway) - The Invisible Man

The Munsters - The Addams Family - Charles Addams
Music Personalities

Music Personalities

Love, Love Me Do…..Can’t Help Falling in Love With You….So many great artists and so many great songs. If you’re ready to sell one or all of your “greatest hits”, call us!!!! Here's some of the music personalities we're looking for:

Partridge Family
Rolling Stones
& More!!!
Pop Culture

Pop Culture

Even if you've never seen a Charlie's Angels episode, you more than likely heard of Farrah if you were around in the 70's. She "broke through" and into the public consciousness. Pop culture to us are people, bands, TV Shows, Movies, and events that transcend their initial "media". Although there's no way to give you a complete, comprehensive list, take a look to see some of the specic pop culture categories we're looking for:

Stranger Things - Pokemon - Magic The Gathering - Dukes of Hazzard - Charlies Angels - Barbie – GI Joe - Disney – Star Wars - Star Trek – Universal Monsters - Super Heroes - Popular Personalities
Science Fiction

Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

We've been Sci-Fi fans since we were wee tykes…Laura's parents even put Star Trek on “time out” because it gave her and her sister nightmares (that flying egg was scary!) But Star Trek was just the beginning… There's too many to list them all here but here is a list of some of the areas we're looking for:

Alien - Predator - Lost in Space - Planet of the Apes - Stranger Things - Forbidden Planet - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Robots - Lord of the Rings - Major Matt Mason - Shogun Warriors - Star Wars – Star Trek - Thunderbirds – Captain Scarlett - Ray Harryhausen - Transformers - Buck Rogers - Flash Gordon - Battlestar Galactica


Coca Cola – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing! We really should bring back the song because the world needs some singing (look it up on YouTube if you don’t know it!)! The Coca-cola trademark IS probably the most recognized symbol ever and we'd like to buy collection! Unfortunately, they over-produced most Coke stuff since the 90's so we really aren't looking for most Coke items post 1980. Along with Coca-cola, there are many more great advertising trademarks and characters we’d like to buy! Here's a small listing of things we're looking for:

Soda Pop
Coca-Cola - Squirt - Dr. Pepper - Diet Dr. Pepper - Fanta - 7-Up - Pepsi

Quisp - Quake - Tony the Tiger - Kellogg's - Cap'n Crunch

Other Great Brands & Advertising Categories
Levis - Old Catalogs - Store Displays - Automobile – Oil – Gas - Movie - TV - Fast Food – Restaurant - Vinyl Figures

Super Heroes

Super Heroes

It would take a book the size of the Yellow Pages (kids, ask your parents!) to list everything we want (need!). If it's Super Hero related, we want it!
Figures - Model Kits - Die Cast Vehicles - Nodders - Bendys - Posters - Ceramics - Vending Machine Toys & Rings - Lunch Boxes
…and so on and so on!!! Let us know what you've have and let us come help you clean things out!

Here's some of the charcters we're looking for:

DC & Batman Family
Batman – Batgirl – Robin - Joker - Penguin - Mr. Freeze - Catwoman

Marvel Super-Heroes
Avengers - Fantastic Four - The Thing - Invisible Woman - Human Torch - Mr Fantastic - Iron Man - Thor - Spider-Man - Captain America

Toy Lines
Marvel Legends - DC Direct - Marvel Select – Corgi – Louis Marx – Mego - Line Mar – AHI – Azrak-Hamway - Remco - Ideal - Captain Action

Movie & TV Memorabilia

Movie & TV Memorabilia

Movie & TV covers almost EVERYTHING!!!!! Too many shows…too many types of items..Below is just small list so contact us! Here's a sample of what we're looking for:

Monsters - Science Fiction - Spies - Westerns - Animation - Classics - Disney - Advertising

Types of Items

Action Figures - Statues - Posters - Paper Items - Figurines - Nodders - Advertising

Peanuts Gang (Snoopy)

No comic strip character is more recognizable than Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. If you don’t laugh when you hear the quote “I got a rock”, you need to buy a TV. They produced enough merchandise to fill 100 football fields. If you need to make some space, contact us to take it off yours hands!

Hungerford Vinyls - Statues - Posters - Paper Items - Figurines - Nodders - Advertising - Model Kits - Toys - Watches


Westerns - Cowboys

Hi-Yo Silver, away! We’re old enough to have watched and have fond memories of many westerns…even if our youngest barely knows who the Lone Ranger and Tonto are. During the golden age of Westerns, an unbelievable amount of merchandise was produced. If you have some fond memories you’re downsizing, contact us!

Hartlands - Marx Johnny West - Gabriel Lone Ranger & Tonto - Cap Guns - Games - Paper Items - Pins - Toys - Watches - Lunch Boxes - Advertising


Animation (Cartoon Folk)

Animated characters/cartoons have been a part of our culture since the advent of motion pictures and then televsion.

Led the way in terms of sound and feature length tales.

Warner Bros
Lent their talents more to animated shorts stock full of now-iconic zany characters - including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the gang.

Hanna Barbera
Introduced economical “budget minded" shows at the dawn of television - short on "beauty" but long on humor and fun.

Modern Era
While still available to kids, tailored more to an adult's sense of humor and satire (Simpsons, Futurama). While others would visit worlds of fantasy and gaming (Pokemon, Avatar, Anime).

We're interested in all merchandise related to these ventures. From Bugs Bunny to Casper The Friendly Ghost to the Flintstones to the Jetsons to Popeye to the Simpsons to Pinky and the Brain to Rick and Morty.

Toys - Animation Cells - Lunch Boxes

We're especially interested in 1960's merchandize and things from the now defunct Warner Bros Gallery and Studio Store.

Star Trek/Star Wars

Star Trek/Star Wars

One of these franchises is approaching half a century old. The other over half a century. And, we’ve watched them all!!! Both have produced content in every form of merchandise one can think of.
Whether your tastes lean toward The Force or you part ways with friends wishing them to Live Long and Prosper, we are open to buying any and all of it! Our tastes lean to toys of course - but there is so much more!

Lunch Boxes - Movie Posters - Magazines - Video Games - Statues - Action Figures - Toys


Vintage Halloween/Christmas

Although we've only dabbled here and there in vintage Halloween and Christmas, we love these two categories and would love to expand further into them. Some of the items we're looking for are:

General Decorations - Blow Mold Figures - Tin Toys - Vintage Plastic Toys - Invitations - Die-cuts - Tin Noisemakers - Vintage Candy Related (Rosen - Rosbro et al) - Fortune Telling Items - Vintage German - Beistle - Dennison - Gibson - Hallmark (pre-1990's)

General Decorations - Blow Mold Figures - Tin Toys - Vintage Plastic Toys - Invitations - Die-cuts - Vintage Candy Related - Ornaments - Hallmark (pre-1990's)

Vintage Sports

Vintage Sports

We're not sports fanatics - but our kids are. Sometimes we wonder where they came from! Before our kids came along, we'd never have a game on at our house. Oh, we had no problem putting on a game when a relative or friend came over, but we never did for ourselves. And yet we've always had an affinity for the sports toys of yesteryear. Some of those items are:

Hartland Football and baseball players - Action Team Mates - Aurora Models' Sports Kits - McFarlane Toys

We're looking for most sports related items. Have a collection to get rid of? Give us a call!

Trading Cards - Sports/Non-Sports:Lunch Boxes

Trading Cards - Sports/Non-Sports
Lunch Boxes

We know - why combine these categories? Because it's fun to - and we can! We love the images and themes that were represented in trading cards sets. From Baseball cards of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays to Non-Sport card sets of Mars Attacks and even, yes, Garbage Pail Kids. Packs of cards cost little and were so fun to try to amass complete sets. And what bettter way to transport them around than in a Munsters lunch box! If you have any lying around, give us a shout. We're looking for most character lunch boxes and most trading card sets.

Topps - Leaf - Fleer - Aladdin - Thermos

Send them all our way!
Andy Capp

Andy Capp

Andy Capp was created by Reg Smythe in 1957. His name was a pun on "handicap" (for we Americans who miss the pun, say it with a Northern England or Cockney accent - hint: drop the "H" sound) for Reg's love of horse racing. Long before the current too-PC world we live in, Andy was a smoking, drinking, job-dodging laze about who, like his contemporary Ralph Kramden, threatened his wife with physical violence - but was married to no push over. Flo - like Ralph's Alice - was truly his "better" half; never backing down and always making sure Andy knew his place. The female 1/2 of L & L fell in love with this character in the 1970's and still has a fondness for the rascal. Laura has amassed quite the collection of Andy memorabilia. But she's always looking for more! If you happen to have any Andy Capp items, drop us line! We're looking for just about anything with Andy's image on it that we don't have.

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