Celebrity Doll 1965 12

Celebrity Doll 1965 12" Patty Duke Go-Go Record 45 Horsman MIB Factory Sealed



Beautiful factory sealed shape! Only the second example we've ever seen!

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Celebrity Doll 1965 12" Patty Duke Go-Go Record 45 Horsman MIB

Here it is...a 1965 12" Patty Duke Go-Go Record 45 Horsman MIB! "Go Go with Patty Duke" with original record.

If you know your vintage celebrity dolls, you'll note that the Horsman 12" Patty Duke doll wearing her red sweater with telephone is a hard doll to find. Released at the height of the Patty Duke Show, it is one of the harder-to-find celebrity dolls from the 1960's. But wait, there's more. Here's something even most advanced celebrity doll don't know - Horseman released another very limited Patty Duke doll. This one varies completely from the "common" version. Different face, different box, different outfit! This box has a cool picture of Patty -wearing the same outfit her doll is wearing! But wait, there's more. Back in the 1960's - if you were a teenager and on a hit TV show, it was a law or something that you also had to put out records! Ricky Nelson was probably the most successful of these -and actually had a real recording career. The majority, however, was just forgettable 60's manufactured pop. All that aside, this doll included a 45 (and if you're on the other side of 40, no we don't mean a gun) of Patty singing "Nothing But You". We believe the B side of this was Patty singing "Whenever She Holds You" - but we've never had one of these opened so we have no way of verifying that.

Box measures roughly 11.5" x 12.5".

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