NFL Action Team Mate 1977 Football Player Denver Broncos

NFL Action Team Mate 1977 Football Player Denver Broncos



Beautiful shape (with some light natural "ivory" toning to white areas)! Restrung - will last decades! Complete.

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NFL Action Team Mate 1977 Football Figure Denver Broncos White Player

Sold solely via Montgomery Wards, JC Penney and Sears catalogs, these action figures were produced by Pro Sports Marketing and are pretty scarce to find today. Made to compete with Megos, they were produced in extremely small numbers. They're approximately 7 1/2 inches tall with moveable limbs held together with rubber bands. Each figure came with a "play book", football, and a stand with the NFL logo. Made long before Kenner's popular Starting Lineup figures - they were decades ahead of their time. A field and benches were produced for the figures - both are VERY tough to find. The set consists of figures from all the (then current) 28 NFL teams.  Here's a page from the JC Penney Catalog:

Action Team Mate

This figure is from the Denver Broncos

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