It all started with a mouse!  Mickey Mouse started it with the first motion picture animated 'talkie' (with Walt Disney's voice!) in 1928.  And, since then, the Walt Disney Company has become the premiere animation studio.  Walt Disney, the man, was an ingenius business man.  It's said that in the early days of the company, Walt Disney Enterprises actually lost money on their films.  The only thing that kept them from bankruptcy was the merchandizing of their characters!   And what a wonderful 75+ years it's been! 

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Disney Disneyland Arribas Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice Mountain Figurine


Great shape! Adult owned and displayed in a cabinet. Single owner...


Disney Disneyland Mickey Mouse 34" Plush Stuffed Korea 1980's Button Eyes


Great shape! Adult owned and displayed. Single owner...


Disney Disneyland Walt Mickey 1986 Press Photos Lot 60 Years


Lot of 4 ORIGINAL Disney press release photos!..


Disney Enesco Mickey Mouse Best of Mickey Collection Movie Poster 3D Scenes x5


Great shape! No cracks, chips, nor breaks. From a single adult owner collection. Partial set of 5 (they were sold individually) - includes Plane Crazy, Gallopin Gaucho, Steamboat Willis, The Mad Doctor, and Mickey's Follies...


Disney Goebel 1950s Snow White Miniature Figurine


Nice shape. No chips, cracks, nor breaks...


Disney Goebel 1960s Bambi Pal Thumper Thumping Tiny


Nice shape. No chips, cracks, nor breaks...

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