Shipping. Returns, & Import Fees

Shipping. Returns, & Import Fees Policy

We have an "exact" shipping/insurance policy.  Items placed via our website directly have "live" shipping charges which are fed directly (and at the time of purchase) from the USPS site.  Items sold via other avenues (ie not our web site) are charged estimates to be paid at the time of purchase.  Due to the complexity and uniqueness every shipment represents, these estimated costs may not be accurate after final packing and we will refund any overage.  Please note: the shipping interfaces with USPS and UPS are very problematic - if you find the shipping to appear excessive, PLEASE contact us.

Domestically, we ship mainly USPS (but will ship UPS on rare occasions).  If you have need to ship via another carrier  please contact us.

International Buyers: Due to the draconian policies of the United Kingdom and European Union tax boards, after 35 years of doing so, we can no longer ship to Europe.  That said, if there's something you HAVE to have and that's substantial enough in value to warrant the extra time and effort to us, we have an "out of the norm" way we can get around things. But it is a rare exception for us to do so. But feel free to ask. NOTE: We are NOT responsible for taxes, duties, import fees charged by the individual countries).  Please be sure to know your own country's import fees as you, the buyer, are responsible for them.

Returns Policy

After offering unconditional returns for 25 years, we can no longer do so. Everything is sold AS-IS. We do NOT offer refunds nor exchanges. The time to verify your item is PRIOR to purchase.

If an item is damaged in shipping, please be sure to keep all packing materials - including original shipping box.  In the event a full refund is needed due to shipping damage, item MUST be returned back to us first.

Changes of heart (ie buyer's remorse) will never be a legitimate return reason.  We also reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee for returns or order cancellations - at our discretion.  We do NOT offer partial refunds.

NRFB/Never Removed From Box - these items have been received by us and are, to the best of our ability, untampered with and still as shipped from the factory. HOWEVER, we are not the original owners of any of our items. If you suspect an item sold as NRFB is resealed or decide to open an item for any other reason, we CANNOT TAKE IT BACK. All items must be returned to us as they were sent. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please be aware that the greatest percentage of our items are between 30 and 50 years old.  Items that fall into this age bracket are all going to have some degree of stress cracks, crazing, etc. Expect them.  We do not highlight them.  Additionally, wires get brittle, rubber dry rots, strings get frail.  Talking mechanisms go mute.  Battery operated items stop working. Where we can, we will tell you the operability of items in our possession - but we cannot, in any way, offer any guarantees of their continued operability.

As-Is/Clearance lots - sorry, these are special lots and we do NOT accept returns on these for any reason.