Major Matt Mason 1968 Set Captain Lazer Complete! Works!

Major Matt Mason 1968 Set Captain Lazer Complete! Works!



Hard to find with all accessories! Chest and eyes light up! Light wear.

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Major Matt Mason 1968 Captain Lazer Set

Major Matt Mason, Mattel's Man in Space, 6 inch action figures were a frequent holiday gift during its short lifespan from 1967-1970, and are a favorite of nostalgic collectors today. Major Matt Mason comprised one of the most inventive and memorable toy lines ever. Standing only 6" tall, the white-suited Matt Mason figure was fully poseable with his wire-reinforced rubber body. His space suit and helmet were supposedly based on real NASA designs, but even if they weren't exactly accurate, they looked right for the part, mixing realism with plenty of futuristic fantasy. Still, even 30 years later, it remains one of the best-remembered toys of the Sixties, capturing the interest of both action figure collectors and of those who fondly remember Mankind's brief journeys to the moon.

Mattel Major Matt Mason Captain Lazer 1967.

Capt. Lazer was Major Matt Mason's "friend from outer space". We're not sure why Mattel included him in the set as he towers at least twice as tall over Matt and his astronaut buddies. By pushing one of the buttons on his back pack, one could operate either one or all of the following functions - his cosmic coder beam (from his hand), solar reactor on his chest, or his eye beams. The Captain came with a pair of space tredders, helmet, radiation shield, lazer wand, and a cosmic beacon.

NOTE: Please note that Mattel didn't design the Captain very well - as far as his opeation goes. The greatest majority of these just don't work after 45 plus years. We've come to conclude there's something that just doesn't age well internally. Additionally, his design manufacture makes it impossible to get inside him to fix whatever it is - and to even change the darn light bulb (and we all know those go out). If we state that he works, be aware that he's probably going to be finicky. And let us stress that we CANNOT provide any guarantees that he won't arrive non-working - his internal lights could go out at time.

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