Disneykins 1960s 101 Dalmatians German Store Counter Display

Disneykins 1960s 101 Dalmatians German Store Counter Display



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Disneykins 1960s 101 Dalmatians German STORE COUNTER DISPLAY

This listing is for a rare Store Display of 101 Dalmatians Disneykins! In early 1961, The Disney and Louis Marx companies released a line of tiny, hand painted figures - measuring about 1" in size. They called the line 'Disneykins'. Although technically not labelled Disnykins, Marx simultaneously released a very large line of 101 Dalmatian figures of the same scale and style. For some reason lost to time, it appears Marx only released the 101 Dalmatian figures outside the US (mainly France, Germany, and England). As with all things from Louis Marx, the figures were packaged and sold via various marketing schemes that including multiple packing designs and product mixes. The 101 Dalmatian are are some of the most difficult to find in the Disneykins line.  This store display is the only example we've ever seen!  Released in Germany as "Pongo und Perdita" the display backdrop is unused with places where the retailer would have glued 8 of the boxes to it for a counter display.

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