Disneykins 1960s Lady and the Tramp Bull MIB White Box Mother Parkers Canada

Disneykins 1960s Lady and the Tramp Bull MIB White Box Mother Parkers Canada



Box missing lid - and came "plain" with no markings designating figure (original owner pencilled in "Bull"). Figure in great shape.

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Disneykins 1960s Lady and the Tramp Bull MIB White Box Mother Parkers Canada

In early 1961, The Disney and Louis Marx companies released a line of tiny, hand painted figures - measuring about 1" in size. They called the line 'Disneykins'.  The following year, Marx simultaneously released a second series of figures called "New Disneykins".. For some reason lost to time, it appears Marx only released these second series figures for one year - while releasing the first series figures all the way into the mid 1970s.  As with all things from Louis Marx, the figures were packaged and sold via various marketing schemes that including multiple packing designs and product mixes.The Lady & The Tramp figures are are some of the most difficult to find in the Disneykins line.  Both Lady and Tramp were released individually in boxes and (with different poses) in a large "kennel' set that contained the rest of the Lady & the Tramp figures.  Below is a reference picture for your enjoyment:

Lady & The Tramp

Update 2012 - Although reported elsewhere to only have been available in the kennel group set, we did note that, from time to time, white boxed Lady & the Tramp individual figures have surfaced.  For years, we wondered the actual origin of these individually boxed figures.  Well, the mystery has been solved - at least partially.  Upon purchasing a group of the whtie boxed figures in late 2011, we came across the follow pamphlet (with checklist):

never having heard of "Mother Parker" we did a bit of internet searching.  Apparently, this is a Toronto, Canada based coffee/tea company.  So....one would presume that these were included in coffee and/or tea containers.  Back in the early 1960's, Mother Parker seems to have been more localized than it is today - so the promotion may have been very localized (Ontario only?).  If any one has further information on this promotion, please let us know.

This particular entry is "Bull" in very scarce, solid white, Mother Parker box!

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