James Bond 1966 Era Marx Friction Spy International Agent Car x3 Complete Boxed

James Bond 1966 Era Marx Friction Spy International Agent Car x3 Complete Boxed



Old store stock - warehouse find. Some minor storage wear/moisture damage/oxidation.

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James Bond 1966 Era Marx Friction Spy Car x3 Complete Set

Bond...James Bond. 007 with a license to kill! Come on, we ALL loved him! You can hear the theme song playing in your head right now, can't you?  In the 1960s, there were quite a few collectibles put out for the James Bond fans out there. Multiple Products had the Attach? Case, Gilbert had the battery operated Aston Martin and 12" action figures, Corgi had the excellent die-cast models of the Aston-Martin, Aurora made the best figure kits of Bond and Odd Job...and where was Louis Marx?  Out standing in the cold rain, it seems! Guess they missed the boat on that one! To compensate, they released a set of fairly hard to find today generic "James Bond" stylized friction cars.  The cars are the same make and style as their Nutty Mad, Flintstone (and other Hanna-Barbera) and Marvel Super-heroes Cars (of which consisted of Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America) - tin hollow bodied with vinyl heads. Marx' International Agent Car series included one UEA (United Espionage Agency) agent, one IA (International Agency) agent, and that suave and dashing  master spy, Agent 012.

This listing is for a complete set of Marx International Agent Cars all boxed.

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