Aurora Model Built Up 1972 Glow Dracula w Box

Aurora Model Built Up 1972 Glow Dracula w Box



ALL ORIGINAL. Ready for display or for you to pant. Box is shrunk wrap - hence foggy look to lower half from camera lights.

Product History, General

FUN FACTS, HISTORY, ATTRIBUTES (ie size, year of production, color,scarcity, etc) WHAT FOLLOWS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING SPECIFIC in this listing.

Aurora Model B/U 1969 GLOW Dracula w Box

Extremely hard to find version of Dracula!  After the original long boxes, came the 1st square glow boxes - solid boxed.  Tough version!!

ORIGINAL - Built Up with ORIGINAL Box.

NOTE: Built Up models are incredibly hard to pack and ship due to fragile nature and the fact they were never made to ship. Although we're extremely caref ul in packing, excpect some reassembly upon receipt.

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