Aurora Era Addar 1975 World of Wildlife Outlaw Mustang MIB

Aurora Era Addar 1975 World of Wildlife Outlaw Mustang MIB



100% original. No paint. No glue. Meticulously inventoried. COMPLETE.

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Aurora Era Addar 1975 Outlaw Mustang Planet of the Apes Stallion MIB

With all the properties available in 1975, we're not sure what Addar was thinking when they started this series. We're sure there were a few animal enthusiasts that were also model builders - but time would prove there weren't many! The series was very short lived. And had only three entries: Blue Jays, Red Cardinals, and the Outlaw Mustang. Addar would reuse the ship-in-a-bottle tooling (including the corks!) for the birds - pretty typical of most toy companies. But kind of cheesy if you ask us!

The listing is for an original Addar Outlaw Mustang kit. This exact sculpt - horse and base - were used 2 years prior for the very short lived/scarce Planet of the Apes Stallion Soldier kit. At the time of this writing, Monsters in Motion sells a resin conversion kit with the additional pieces to convert the Outlaw Mustang into Planet of the Apes Stallion Soldier. With the cost and scarcity of the POTA Stallion, it's a great way to marry the two items and arrive at the Stallion set.

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