Aurora Model MIB 1963 Silver Knight of Augsberg Kit

Aurora Model MIB 1963 Silver Knight of Augsberg Kit



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Product History, General

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Aurora Model MIB 1964 Silver Knight of Augsberg Kit

Aurora History -Knights

Aurora's first figure kit was the Silver (of Augsberg) Knight circa 1956. The Blue (of Man) and Black (of Aurnberg) Knights  followed in 1957. In 1958, the Red (of Vienna) Knight was added and finally the Gold Knight (homeless, apparently, as no "hometown" was designate) riding horseback showed up in 1959. A Green (of Landschut) Knight was proposed but never made it out of the development stage. Aurora would sell these kits contstantly for the (nearly) next 20 years - changing the box artwork along the way but the kit remained the same inside.

Variations (Camelot, Shining Armour)

Three of the original knights were reissued in 1968-1969 as "Camelot" knights as the movie Camelot was a huge success the prior year. Each Camelot knight sported a common new base with new shields. The Silver Knight became King Arthur. The Blue Knight became Sir Galahad. And the Black Knight became Sir Lancelot. A final run of all five knights came out in chrome as the "Knights in Shining Armour" from Aurora, England, in 1973-74. These shining armour knights were sold almost solely in England - with some possibly in other European countries. It was also at this time that the first four knights were re-issued again (in the 1963 boxes) as a special run of 5,000 for the Polk's Model Craft Hobbies store in New York City. These boxes were tagged with a strip of tape that reads "Made In England".

The listing is for an original Aurora Model MIB 1963 Silver Knight of Augsberg Kit.

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