Howdy Doody Royal Dessert Trading Cards 1/16 Unopened #1 Lime

Howdy Doody Royal Dessert Trading Cards 1/16 Unopened #1 Lime



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Howdy Doody Royal Dessert Trading Cards 1/16 Unopened #1 Lime

In the early 1950's, TV was in it's infancy - and TV advertising was off to a flying start! Royal Pudding would merchandise the rights to the Howdy Doody brand. There are a seemingly endless variations to the sets one could collect. The main set is a set of 16 "Trading Cards" that would be cut off the back of the "Royal" dessert boxes. Flavors include Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon Pie Filling, Vanilla Tapioca, Chocolate Tapioca, Orange-Coconut pudding, Orange, Custard, Lemon, Lime and Pineapple. In addition to collecting the cards and the flavors - there is also a variation in the 'coloring' and text of the cards - where the main color of black is substituted with blue (there's even variations in the shade of blue!). The set of 16 was made up of:

  1. Howdy Doody
  2. Mr Bluster
  3. Flub-A-Dub
  4. Dilly Dally
  5. The Inspector
  6. Don Jose Bluster
  7. Buffalo Bob
  8. Clarabell
  9. Lanky Lou
  10. Doctor Singasong
  11. Pierre The Chef
  12. Sir Archibald
  13. Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring
  14. Oil Well Willie
  15. Chief Featherman
  16. Captain Scuttlebutt

A set of "Coloring Cards" was also available:

  1. Flub-A-Dub
  2. Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring
  3. Don Jose Bluster
  4. Chief Thunderthud
  5. Phineus T Bluster
  6. Dr Sing-a-song
  7. Howdy Doody
  8. Captain Scuttlebutt
  9. Hop
  10. Dilly Dally
  11. The Bloop
  12. Clarabell

Listing is for JUST the #1 Howdy Trading Card box - on the reverse of the Lime Gelatin Flavor Dessert box!

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