Munsters 1964 AMT Koach TOY NOT Model

Munsters 1964 AMT Koach TOY NOT Model



Nicely repaired rear axle (common issue as this was where they put the 'noise' maker and it's a weak point) - otherwise in great shape and displays nicely!

Product History, General

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Munster Koach Toy Not Model Car

This is a strange and scarce one.  Don't mistake this for a built AMT model kit. This was released in very limited numbers in 1964. It's a bit upscale from the AMT model kit - measuring 12" long x 5" high. It's made of a durable plastic - came fully assembled and ready to play with back in 1964! This is the only toy that we know of that AMT produced.  It's upscaled from the model - overall, the car is 12" long, black and red vinyl with chrome trim pieces.  The illustrated box has a box top that folds back to form a countertop display!  Here's a reference example of the toy next to a built up of the model kit:

Munster Koack Comparison

Very tough to find.

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