Hartland 9

Hartland 9" Cowboy 1950s Set MATT DILLON All ORIGINAL Complete



We NEVER, EVER sell reproductions. 100% original - from a recent original owner estate. Horse has age tanning. Nice, overall.

Product History, General

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Boys and girls alike grew up with a love of the heroic tales of the Old West.....Cowboys, cowgirls, and their trusty steeds!!!!  I think girls like the horses, and boys like the shoot-em-up westerns!  Out of the many companies that produced cowboy toys, the one that stands out above them all is Hartland Plastics. 

Starting in the early 1950s, Hartland put out an impressive line of horse and riders based on America's favorite TV stars and western heroes.  The amazing Hartland detail lets you take one look at the face and know exactly who the figure is supposed to be! 

All original!!!  Matt Dillon and horse are about 9" tall and a complete set came with horse, figure, hat, saddle, cinch, and pistol.


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