Hawk Models 2005 Frantics x4 Complete Set Weird-ohs Factory Sealed

Hawk Models 2005 Frantics x4 Complete Set Weird-ohs Factory Sealed



All factory sealed! Will include ONE factory case. Note: case will be covered in thick brown paper for shipping. You are buying the kits - case is free.

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Hawk Models 2005 Frantics x4 Complete Set Weird-ohs

Reissues of the Ed Roth inspired model kit lines originally issues by Hawk Model kits originally issued around 1963. The complete series includes:


  •     Daddy - The Way Out Suburbanite (racer; aka. "the Swingin' Suburbanite")
  •     Davey - The Way Out Cyclist (outlaw motorcycle club rider: "He's a Psycho cyclist! This cat's a terror on the road ...")
  •     Digger - The Dragster (racer)
  •     Drag Hag - The Bonny, Blastin' Babe (racer)
  •     Endsville Eddie - The Shortstop Stupe (racer)
  •     Freddy Flameout - The Way Out Jet Jockey (test pilot)
  •     Huey's Hut Rod - The Way Outhouse Bomb (racer)
  •     Sling Rave Curvette - The Way Out Spectator (race fan)
  •     Wade A. Minut* - The Wild Starter (race 'official'; aka. The Timeless Timekeeper)
  •     Francis the Foul - The Way Out Dribbler (basketball player)
  •     Killer McBash - The Dazzling Decimator (football player)
  •     Leaky Boat Louie - The Vulgar Boatman (motorboater)

Silly Surfers:

  •     Beach Bunny ("Beach Bunny Catchin' Rays")
  •     Hodad Makin' the Scene ("Hodad Makin' the Scene With a Six Pack - Detailed Personable Pelican and Crusty Crab, Insect Pests, Sand Crawlers, Etc., included")
  •     Hot Dogger Hangin' Ten
  •     Riding Tandem ("Hot Dogger and Surf Bunny Riding Tandem - The Dazzling Duo of the Surf - Goony Gull, Crusty Crab & Friendly Fish included")
  •     Woodie on a Surfari


  • Frantic Banana (drummer: "Frantic Banana Punishing The Skins - car plugs not included in this kit")
  • Frantic Cats (dancers: "Shifty Snuffling at its best - This is the Livin' end!")
  • Steel Pluckers (guitarists: "Bopped out Steel Pluckers having A Bash - the twangin' and sangin' stars of the Sappy Swingin Sixties")
  • Totally Fab (guitarist & groupie: "...Screamin' Meemies Two Legged Model of Fort Knox & Security Guard")

These are the 2005 re-releases of the FRANTICS ONLY. All 4 are here. In retro-packaging!

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