Aurora Model MIB 1963 HUNCHBACK ORIGINAL Anthony Quinn Complete

Aurora Model MIB 1963 HUNCHBACK ORIGINAL Anthony Quinn Complete



100% ORIGINAL!! 100% COMPLETE!! NO PAINT. NO GLUE! Box isn't perfect - but displays well.

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Aurora Model MIB 1963 HUNCHBACK ORIGINAL Quinn Complete

One of the original monster kits from the minds of Aurora - THE character kit company of the 1960's/70's.  The story goes that the Aurora box art for the Hunchback of Notre Dame sported the likeness of Anthony Quinn - who starred as Quasimodo in the 1956 movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  While the rights to Victor Hugo's novel were no doubt in the public domain (the story was written in 1831), Anthony Quinn's likeness was not.  I'm sure the legal department received some cease-and-desist letter - because they changed the likeness to more resemble Lon Chaney in the 1925 version.  The same artwork was on the instructions sheet - so both the box and instructions were retooled.

This listing is for Aurora's initial release Quasimodo - with the Quinn likeness seen in it's full glory!

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