Aurora Model Built Up 1964 Roman Gladiator Sword Spartacus Factory Store Display

Aurora Model Built Up 1964 Roman Gladiator Sword Spartacus Factory Store Display

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100% original 1960's Aurora! However, wall is NOT a Factory Built Up piece. This was discovered missing the wall - and a professional painted one in the correct style and colors. It looks great! This factory Built Up is MUCH scarcer than it's 1950's predecessor.

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FUN FACTS, HISTORY, ATTRIBUTES (ie size, year of production, color,scarcity, etc) WHAT FOLLOWS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING SPECIFIC in this listing.

Aurora Model Built Up 1964 Spartacus (formerly Roman Gladiator with Sword) ORIGINAL FACTORY STORE DISPLAY

In 1958, Aurora would release two different versions of the Roman Gladiator this year - one with a sword and shield; the other with a trident and mesh.  What's nice about these individually sold kits is that they were designed to be displayed next to each other - they display fighting face to face - locked in mortal combat.  What's unique about the pairing is that the box art is actually one split panoramic scene - line them up side by side to get a complete view of the stadium!  In 1964, Aurora would re-release the kit retitled - Spartacus (to unofficially capitalize on the Kirk Douglas movie) - yet still retain the "Roman Gladiator 200 AD" nameplate.  They would also "plus" up the kit a bit with a more complex base that included a wall, a severed hand and broken shield.

This listing is for an all original FACTORY Built UP of the 1964 released Spartacus - formerly the Roman Gladiator with Sword.  Wonderful Built and Assembled at the factory by Aurora for in-store displays. Pretty scarce as they were made just for hobby shops and most were tossed when promotion ran out. ALL ORIGINAL!!

NOTE: Built Up models are incredibly hard to pack and ship due to fragile nature and the fact they were never made to ship. Although we're extremely careful in packing and have developed an expertise, expect some minor reassembly upon receipt.

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