Hartland MLB Baseball 25th Anniversary x8 Berra Maris Mantle Drysdale Colavito

Hartland MLB Baseball 25th Anniversary x8 Berra Maris Mantle Drysdale Colavito



Nice set of 8 of the 25th reissues: Nellie Fox, Roger Maris, Harmon Killebrew, Yogi Berra, Don Drysdale, Babe Ruth, Rocky Colavito, and Mickey Mantle. Light wear/aging.

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Hartland MLB Baseball 25th Anniversary Group

Hartland Collectables
Although not avid sport fans per se, we couldn't help falling in love with the Hartland baseball players as they are a natural extension of our love of the western heroes.  Long before computerized image rendering, Hartland was able to create remarkable figures that actually looked like the people that represented!  We've always enjoyed how remarkable they look.  Hartland released 18 baseball players measuring 8 1/2" tall from 1958 to 1963.  Each beautifully done and rounded out with an easily lost (or were they just thrown away!) 'hang tag'.  Of the 18, 17 were currently, at the time, active players with Babe Ruth being the only 'nostalgic' release.

Hartland Collectables - 25th Anniversary Reissues (1988)

In 1987, Dallas attorney William Alley of Dallas, secured the rights to produce a commemorative set of the original 18 players. They are:

1 Hank Aaron 10 Mickey Mantle
2 Luis Aparicio 11 Roger Maris
3 Ernie Banks 12 Eddie Mathews
4 Yogi Berra 13 Willie Mays
5 Rocky Colavito 14 Stan Musial
6 Don Drysdale 15 Babe Ruth
7 Nellie Fox 16 Duke Snider
8 Dick Groat 17 Warren Spahn
9 Harmon Killebrew 18 Ted Williams

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