Betsy McCall Doll Vintage Ultimate Reference Pictures Articles Scrap Book Binder

Betsy McCall Doll Vintage Ultimate Reference Pictures Articles Scrap Book Binder



From a personal collection - the woman who owned this LOVED her Betsy McCall's! It's a 3 ring binder - filled to the brim with articles and pictures and reference materials. It truly is one of a kind. Over 70, 2 sided leaf insert pages. There's no way to describe everything in detail but we'll try to give you a solid overview (note: some items are the actual photos and/or cut out articles from magazines, some are period copies of when the binder was put together): The Life and Time of Betsy McCall - 1983 article from the Winter issue of Dolls, 3 pages The creator of this bind used this article to highlight each doll through the binder! In each section she has articles of the specific doll - as well as color pictures of her personal doll! Through the Years (doll list), columns for Date, Company, Size, Description, and Outfits Ideal, American Character, Horsman, Tomy, Rothschild Personal negatives of her collection 1995 Price guide pages Photos of her personal collection 1952 doll article 1952 trade article 1986 Doll Reader article 1957, July Article Wards, Sears catalog pages Doll Reader 1984, 1986, 1987, 1993, 1994, 1995 articles/cut outs Betsy McCall Furniture by Strombecker, Aug 1996 Article Doll News 2002 pictures And so on, and so on. Truly one of a kind! Lots of love and time went into this! Get yours today!

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Betsy McCall Doll Vintage Guide Reference Pictures Articles Scrap Book Binder

This listing is for a custom, personal binder of Betsy McCall materials!

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