Batman 1966 Ideal Inflatable Batmobile

Batman 1966 Ideal Inflatable Batmobile



Typical glue yellowing/discoloring on the wheels - otherwise nice. Holds air. Good luck finding another example anywhere.

Product History, General

FUN FACTS, HISTORY, ATTRIBUTES (ie size, year of production, color,scarcity, etc) WHAT FOLLOWS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING SPECIFIC in this listing.

Batman 1966 Ideal Inflatable Batmobile

This listing is for a Batman 1966 Ideal Inflatable Batmobile. Here's a rare one folks.The term "rare" is thrown around a lot. But in 30 plus years of collecting, buying, and selling 1966 Batman items, we've only seen two examples of this. It's so rare that we had seen it pictured in and Ideal catalog years before we saw an example - and we wondered if Ideal actually ever made it. It measures roughly 14" long. Ideal did not put their logo on it - but they did label it "1966 Nat'l Periodical Pubs, Inc./ Made in Japan".

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