Aurora Model Build Up 1974 Spiderman Spider-Man Comic Scene ORIGINAL

Aurora Model Build Up 1974 Spiderman Spider-Man Comic Scene ORIGINAL



Nicely painted kit - a ton of hours went into this!!

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Aurora Model Built Up 1974 Spiderman Spider-Man Comic Scenes ORIGINAL

Aurora 1974 Amazing Spider-Man model kit! Aurora's 1970's reissue of their 1960's kit. Who knows why, but when reissuing their 1960's super heroes, Aurora removed the name plates! And made other "minor" alterations to many of the kits. When releasing Spidey, they remolded him in red (probably figuring this would give the kids a jump start on not needing to paint him) - but they also removed the name plate, Kraven the Hunter's gun, and a can that laid on the floor. We're still scratching our heads over many of these changes but including a comic book was a great idea to jazz up the line. Tarzan featured art by Neal Adams; Spider-Man and Captain America featured art by John Romita Sr.; both The Lone Ranger and Tonto kit instructions/comics featured art by Gil Kane; The Incredible Hulk featured art by Herb Trimpe; Superman featured art by Curt Swan; Superboy featured art by Dave Cockrum; and both Batman and Robin kits featured art by Dick Giordano.

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