Captain Action Ideal 1966 Accessory x2 Boots Original

Captain Action Ideal 1966 Accessory x2 Boots Original



Nice shape. Light wear. Marked 'Hong Kong' on sole as they should be!

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Captain Action Ideal 1966 Accessory Set of Boots ORIGINAL

O.K. Superhero fans.  Here's the one and only Captain Action!! Before Mego was even a thought, Ideal's answer to the ever popular GI Joe, Captain Action was the first action figure that was truly action. Prior to this, superhero figures were relegated to army men type of figures (check out the Marx line of statues and Ideal's own playset figures) and tin wind up toys. Amazingly, Ideal was able to pull off what could be almost impossible today - a cross licensing of characters from both DC, Marvel, and other popular characters (Green Hornet, Buck Rogers, Lone Ranger, etc). And now this entry: an accessory from the Captain Action set:

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