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Aquaman Justice League of America JLA Swimming 1988 Burger King


Not sure the origin of this figure - can't locate it anywhere. Light wear. Measures 4"...


Batman 1966 Candy Cigarettes Sticks Primrose Box Only


Light wear/aging. Empty box - no candy...


Batman 1966 Coloring Book Robin In The Batcave Watkins-Strathmore Unused


Unused. Natural aging. Fresh from factory case...


Batman 1966 Hazelle Airplane Control Marionette Puppet


Some light wear/aging. Some wear on the controller logo. Might need possible restringing...


Batman 1966 Ideal Flying Inflatable Figure with Header Card Bag


Nice shape?.holds air for at least a few hours (didn't check it longer than that)! Note: the back attachment piece has two pegs that it snaps onto - one peg is broken so the blue piece doesn't stay on...


Batman 1966 Ideal Playset MOUSEMAN Figure Orange JLA


Factory 'navel' hole error. Hard to find intact with needle tip...


Batman 1966 Ideal Utility Belt Playset Child Sized Pistol Red Trigger No Logo


A minor scratch/scuff on one side - otherwise in great shape!..


Batman 1966 Lincoln International Bat Grenade UK Exclusive


Amazingly fragile item - not too many have survived! Fully licensed. This one has some minor tear repair on one wing...


Batman 1966 Space Magic Coins Lot Trading Non-Sport Card Style x6 D


Loose set of 6 out of 20 coins. Typcial corrosion on edges...


Batman 1966 Toyo Denki Flying Batscout MIB Batcopter Helicopter Japan Exclusive


Unused. Box lid has a poke tear across the center and a taped corner. Only example we've ever seen!..


Batman 1966 TV Show Adam West Burt Ward Batcycle Color Photo 1975 Batmobile


Beautiful photo! Display it next to your Aurora Batcycle! All original. Minimal wear/aging...


Batman 1982 Arco Punching Bop Bag 48" High Super Powers MIB


Very hard to find bop bag….unused in original box! We do NOT test nor guarantee vintage inflatables. Buying as-is...

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