Vintage Parts, Original (Misc Toy)

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Aurora Model 1960s Sports Willie Mays Giants Decals ORIGINAL


100% original Aurora model kit decal. Note: these were just tossed into boxes by Aurora. They may have bends, minor tears, etc. We never claim our decals to be mint or perfect...


Major Matt Mason 1969 Kin Mattel Sea Devils Aquanaut Jet Instructions ORIGINAL


Not even close to perfect - has aging toning and wear. But still presentable...


Mego Accessory Original Part 8" 1970s Universal Monster Dracula Shoes Set of 2


ALL ORIGINAL 1970s MEGO!!! OLD Store Stock. Personally owned by us for decades. Unused! Gotta love Mego's reprensation of a classic Universal Monster - unlicensed as they were!..

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