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Dinosaur 1960s Sears Triceratops Battery Op Remote Control R/C


Beautiful, cosmetically nice. Mouth 'lights up' and he'll do an 'in place' dance - his legs get stuck quickly. Not sure what his 'issue' is - perhaps the 'new owner' can fix it. Or just collect as-is. Selling as display item...


Dinosaur 1989 Walking Stegoosaurus 12" 1/30 Radio Shack Remote Control Boxed


Fully tested - works well. Moves forward and backwards - and his eyes light up. Tied back in box to original insert...


Frankenstein Blushing Battery Operated Robot 1960s Mad Monster Boxed TN Rosko


FAR from 'mint' - lots of issues. Obvious box stainging/aging/wear/end panel tear/loss. Figure battery box is clean - but he doesn't work and someone started taking apart. He's as we got him and will be as-is…use for display - or fix him up...


Nomura 1960s Tin Wind Up Traffic Cop Boxed Vintage


Wind up works. Obvious box and toy wear/corrosion - but still display nicely. ONLY example we've ever seen of the box! ALL ORIGINAL!!..

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