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Marvel Legends 2005 BAF Galactus Toy Biz Complete


We love this figure! Classic Kirby! Light storage wear...


Marvel Select 2005 X-Men Phoenix Diamond


No flame base. Light wear...


Marvel Super Heroes 1966 Captain America Lakeside with Shield


General play wear with and bad internal wires...


Marx Johnny West 1967 12" Geronimo +Accessories


Light, general wear. Comes with what's shown - not sure if they're 'his' but they came with him...


Marx Statue 1964 Nutty Mad Spoofing Generals Caricatures Flugel Von Strudel Crem


Missing the cigarette holder that sticks off of his right hand. It's incredibly common (if anything can actually be said is 'common' about this rare figure). Otherwise just light play/surface wear...


Mattel 2009 Batman The Dark Knight Punch Packing Joker MOC #M5061


General shelf wear….factory sealed...


Mego 1974 WGSH Bank Plastic Bust Superman World's Greatest Super Heroes MIP


Factory sealed! Doesn't get any better!..


Mego 1976 TV Promotions WGSH Star Trek Presentation Original


An interesting piece of Mego history! Unfortunately coffee stain on the pages...


Mego 1977 Network TV Promotions Impressions Pamphlet WGSH Star Trek Original


Who hasn't been bored in a meeting and doodled? The original owner of this pamphlet was no different! Some doodling on the cover and insde - but not too major. A unique piece of Mego history!..


Mego 1979 Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Killer Kane 12"


From adult, doll collector's shape. Display only. Great shape with minimal aging/wear. Note: we do NOT guarantee 12" Mego knees/knee pins. They are very problematic. These are tight and we do NOT recommend bending them. We've seen too many break...


Mego 8" 1970s WGSH Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner Mid-Transformation Color Variant


From an original owner estate - luckily the color variance 'work' for the Hulk. Maybe calling it a 'mid-transformation color variant' is putting a sow's ear on a pig - but it's still fascinating to see the color shift...

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