Dinosaurs - and other Prehistoric Creatures!

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Aurora Model Built Up 1971 Prehistoric Scenes Tar Pit


Average build/paint job. Note: some disassembly will be done to ease shipping/shipping costs...


Aurora Model Built Up 1972 Prehistoric Scenes Woolly Mammoth Pro Job


Beautful pro job! Expect some possible reassembly upon arrival...


Aurora Model Built Up 1974 Prehistoric Scenes Tyrannosaurus Rex T-Rex


100% ORIGINAL!! From original owner collection - not a "pro" job but pretty good for a 14 year old! Imagine how much time went into painting every scale dot!! You don't see one this nice very often! Note: his tail has been carefully removed (where it naturally was assembled originally)  to reduce his shipping size (shipping oversized packages has..


Dinosaur 1989 Walking Stegoosaurus 12" 1/30 Radio Shack Remote Control Boxed


Fully tested - works well. Moves forward and backwards - and his eyes light up. Tied back in box to original insert...


Dinosaur Playset Figure 1960s Marx Flintstones Hunting Party Stegosaurus


Tough to find! Note common aged glue stains near seams...


Marx Playset 1960s Dinosaur Prehistoric Scenes Gray


Thought these were all the same series - but my eyes aren't as good as the camera! The brontos are a bit darker gray. PLUS they don't have their name on them. Original 1960's from recent estate!..


Marx Playset 1960s Dinosaur Prehistoric Scenes Green


Longest one is roughly 3 1/2". Light wear...


MPC Playset 1970s Dinosaur Prehistoric Scenes Colorful Small Scale


Over 25 pieces. Not sure if some are MPC or Marx or other??? What you see is what you get...

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