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Christmases' Past

Christmases' past

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A gallery of historic Christmas photos is promised!...

The Duane Smailus Collection Is Highlighted

The duane smailus collection is highlighted

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In just a 13 year time span, Duane Smailus accumulated one of the top tier GI Joe collections ever assembled. His focus was on loose and prototype items from 1964 - 1980 - including the Hasbro international licensed properties (Palitoy, Takara, Sanyei, Ceji, Falcon, Geyperman, Action Joe, etc)....

Big Frankie Is Immortalized

Big frankie is immortalized

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Big Frankie - Aurora's giant sized version of the Frankenstein monster - becomes part of our company logo!...

End of an Era

End of an era

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After nearly 20 years, our website gets a major, well-past-needed over-haul!...

Some Clean Up, Some Upgrades

Some clean up, some upgrades

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The site has some needed sprucing up done to it. No major infrastructure changes - but things are a bit more sleek and work faster....

And a Gallery Section is Born!

And a gallery section is born!

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And now people can see images of the items we've sold historically - along with a nice description of the item's history!...

In the beginning!

In the beginning!

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Our online web presence begins!...