Barbie: Vintage Dolls (Dressed/Boxed)

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Barbie #0750 1961 Boxed Barbie Ken Dressed Tuxedo


No…it's not a "dressed box" Ken - box is standard. But Ken came to us this way from and advanced collector - so we left him as we got him. He's in great shape! We love that eyeliner!..


Barbie #0850 1963 Boxed Barbie Platinum No #6 Ponytail


Nice #6 Barbie - slightly greasy face. Hair is tangled and will need a re-set. NO Green Ear!! Replacement nylon earrings for safety. Booklet and shoes are in (replaced) cello. Original insert liner has wear and tears. She needs a bit of a bath. CORRECT box has light soiling but nothing major and no split corners. Not a perfect set - but overall nic..


Barbie #0850 1966 Boxed Barbie Platinum Side Part Bubble Cut Fold Top


Doll is complete! Shoes and booklet are in (replaced) cello. Nylon replacement earrings have been used for safety. ORIGINAL insert! Box lid has wear, tear, and staining. But is literally the ONLY example we've seen of a FOLD TOP BOX!..


Barbie 1960's Dressed Box Japanese Market Exclusive #992 Golden Elegance


Beautiful, set! - possible minor play wear. Had VERY MINOR green ear, treated! Earrings are nylon replacements - for safety! - otherwise 100% all original - including insert. Complete! Box insert and bottom have normal (for the Japan exclusives) age staining - but not too bad. Lid is beautiful with correct Japan exclusive stock number and correct M..

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