Marvel Super Heroes 1971 Third Eye Poster #4011 Fantastic Four Floating City

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Marvel Super Heroes 1971 Third Eye Blacklight Poster #4011 Fantastic Four Kirby

This listing is for an original Fantastic Four poster by Third Eye circa 1971. This is entitled "FLOATING CITY" and has a stock number of 4011.

Superb poster designed by Jack 'King' KIRBY featuring a great splash image of Marvel's First Family, part of the now cult and very rare series of 24 posters, created by Marvel Comics and Black light printing company Third Eye in 1971. This image originally appeared in issue #7, page 16 of "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine!", The Fantastic Four.

Measures roughly 21" x 33".

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Item Condition (Specific)

Poster has about a 2" tape repair on reverse on bottom edge, center. Some light staining and creasing. Overall, looks nice.

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