GI Joe 1964 1976 1970's Lili Ledi Aeronave Multiiple Avenger Pursuit Craft MIB

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GI Joe 1964 1976 1970's Lili Ledi  Aeronave Multiiple Avenger Pursuit Craft MIB

By 1976, the 12" GI Joe Adventure Team line was on it's last legs. Hasbro tried to add new ideas to the line - and arrived at the Avenger Pursuit Craft.  It's a modular vehicle that can work as a sea plane, a vertical take-off and landing plane, a jet boat, or a rocket car. No, it didn't save the line. But Hasbro did license the idea, molds, and design out to Lili Ledi - who rechristened it the "Aeronave Multiple" - loosely translated as "Multiple Aircraft". The ship lost it's '76 AT color scheme - molded in gray plastic that looked more like a traditional military plane would. We're not sure of the exact year - and we've seen only one boxed example. Quite the rare toy.

Here's a list of the parts/contents:
  • Plumas De La Cola (Tail Boom), Right
  • Plumas De La Cola (Tail Boom), Left
  • Flotadore (Pontoon), Right
  • Flotadore (Pontoon), Left
  • Compartmento De Carga (Cargo Compartment)
  • Tapa (Cargo Compartment, Lid)
  • Estabilizador (Stabilizer)
  • Timones (Rudders) x2
  • Soporte Para Flotadores (Pontoon Support)
  • Tren De Aterrizaje (Landing Gear, with 3 wheels)
  • Ala (Wing)
  • Motores (Engines) x2
  • Cabina (Cabin)
  • (Timon De Mando) Steering Wheel
  • Asiento (Seat)
  • Winch Assembly
    • Manivela (Handle)
    • Cuerda con Carrete (Winch Drum with String)
    • Gancho (Winch Hook)
  • Planilla De Etiquetas (Label Sheet)
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Item Condition (Specific)

SCARCE! Only boxed example we've ever seen. Appears to be never assembled - still includes all paperwork and unused decal sheet. Note that all the smalls are "in place" and the wheels are on - the instructions are a direct copy of the Hasbro ones - other than in Spanish - there is no way for us to know if someone did this minor assembly or it's factory. Nothing looks to have been fully assembled. ORIGINAL INSERTS. CONTENTS METICULOUSLY CHECKED.  100% COMPLETE. Bad manufacturing design on cargo lid - the pull clip has been repaired (see pictures). Box is nice and solid but does have a side tape repair and some very minor soiling. Description is meant to be thorough - this is a very nice example. Good luck finding another!

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