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Fireball XL5 Gerry Anderson 1964 Multiple Products MPC Play Set Marx NICE!

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Item History (General)

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Fireball XL5 Gerry Anderson 1964 Space City Multiple Products MPC Marx

 MPC - No. 3300 'Steve Zodiac's Fireball XL5 Space City'

Gerry Anderson really knew how to create a kid's show!  We loved Fireball XL5 - of course, we've always been fans of science fiction.  The "super marionette" process may seem a bit primitive to today's standards but it still holds a unique charm.  This is a rather difficult play set to find - it's based upon Gerry Anderson's 3rd marionette TV Series. Fireball XL5.  The set came in a large, 3 color box with cool graphics on the lid.  Here, to the best of our ability, is a contents list of what the set originally came with (?1964 Independent Television Corp.).

Box, 14" x 30" x 6"
Plain cardboard box inserts
Space City Headquarters, large heavy gauge cardboard punch-out sheet, 5 pieces

  • 4 Stories
    • 1st Story Circular
    • 2nd - 4th Stories taper, Christmas tree style
    • 3rd Story has side wings

Hard/soft plastic items:

  • Fireball XL5, Large, 21 Inches Long
    • Includes mini-XL5 Jr. Capsule
    • Steve Zodiac Seated Pilot Figure
    • Doctor Venus Seated Pilot Figure
    • Small Flying Fireball XL5's, x2
    • Door Rockets (we're not sure if there were 4 or just 2)
  • Track Launcher, 24" Automatic Spring Powered
  • Flying Fireball XL1, x2
  • Jet Car with antenna
  • Jetmobiles, x2, with Steve and Venus seated figures, with antennas
  • Transport Truck & Trailer
  • Missile Firing Gantry
    • 3 Stage Missile
  • Flying Interceptor Satellite
  • Jet Fuel Tanks 2 1/2's
  • Automatic Satellite Launcher
    • Satellite
  • XL1 Jet Sled, Shooting, Spring Loaded

Figures, character, standing, plastic

  • Steve Zodiak
  • Doctor Venus
  • Professor Matic
  • Commander Zero
  • Zoony the Lazoon
  • Robert the Robot
Figures, generic
  • Space City Astronauts, x20

Sticker accent sheet
Instruction sheet

Item Condition (Specific)

Other than the missing cardboard headquarters, it's a near complete set. Here's a description that's meant to be thorough but not necessarily "complete" (expect other minor/normal issues with a set of this vintage/fragility): Yellow Fireball torpedo doors are missing one peg each. They'll stay in place but it does affect how they open). The Fireball Jr has a reglued/repaired wing. Both mini-jet sleds and mini-Venus and mini-Steve are present in the Jr. There are no antennas for any vehicle (these very tiny pieces of plastic aren't present 99% of the time and most sellers don't even mention them not being there as it's not obvious unless you know), the large 24" launcher, gantry, and XL1 Jet sled are nice with springs intact, all character figures are present as well as all 20 "generic" astronauts. Box is nice with bright graphics - it does have an old tape litho tear and some minor storage wear. In total, it's not a perfect set but, none-the-less, it's a wonderful addtion for any collection!

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