GI Joe 1969 #7915 MIB Talking Astronaut Cloth Cap Sears Only Adventures Of C9+

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GI Joe 1969 MIB 7915 Talking Astronaut w Cloth Cap - Sears Only
As with all things, the market must have become saturated by 1966 - so how to make it exciting for the G.I. Joe enthusiast of the time period?  Well, Mattel had successfully been market talking dolls for a few years.  Take a cue from Mattel, Hasbro decided making Joe talk was the "new" push they needed.  So, in 1967 a new GI Joe figure was released - the Talking Action GI Joe.  Once again, representing all 4 military branches.  By the end of the 1960's, America took huge leaps forward in the space race with the astronauts landing on the moon.  Hasbro responded in 1969 with the first talking Astronaut.  As was usual during the 60's, Hasbro partnered with Sears to come up with a special exclusive.  Released for a very short time and in limited quantities. He included:

  • G.I. JOE

Item Condition (Specific)

Incredibly nice, near old store stock set! Original decal has minor wear. Insert has tiny tear most get torn as the shoulder digs into the insert and you have to gently tilt the figure and slide him gently to get him out). Box is nice and clean with nice gloss. Talks nicely. Suit is nice and white. Cap is nice and white and has a nice chin strap - a lot of these were made too tight to fit under his chin; we don't recommend trying to snap it shut. Correct 1969 insert with cloth cap depicted - Hasbro removed this for the 1970 issue but many people put them in the 1969 boxes as their easier to get. 100% ORIGINAL!!! Don't mess with repros! Scarce item!

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