Disney Mickey Mouse 1958 Watch Timex US Time Ingersoll Statue MIB

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Disney Mickey Mouse 1958 Watch Timex US Time Ingersoll MIB

Released by Timex/US Time/Ingersoll. Made in USA. Circa 1958. In the late 1950s, Timex designed a number of Disney character watches that were packaged with matching 5-1/2" statues  The watch and packaging themes were Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Snow White and Cinderella. The first statues were ceramic (made by Wales) but, as most companies due with aging product lines, many were issued with identical plastic statues. Most of these watches were produced with traditional dials, bearing full figure images of the character, similar to other Timex Disney watches of the time. By the tail end of the series, watches were produced with no image of the character at all on the dial and only the name. Most, if not all, watches were child-size - approx. 1"? x 1-3/8" - and had a chrome plated case with a stainless back.  The box measures about 4-1/2"? x 4-1/4"?x 6"?.  The box sides were imprinted with line drawings of the characters.

All original, 1950's Mickey Mouse watch.  In original box.This watch is being sold as a collectible no further warranty regarding workmanship is offered nor implied.

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Item Condition (Specific)

Light soiling/aging. Watch appears unused. Ticks a while but stops. Will probably need cleaning.Plastic version of "statue". Please note: Vintage watches are notorious for stopping and needing cleaning or what have you. While we will test and tell you working condition while in our possession, we CANNOT warranty nor guarantee workmanship of the watch.

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