GI Joe 1964 1960s Nude Figure Brunette TM Brass Rivet 4/13 Double Slot Shoulders

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GI Joe 1964 1960s Figure Brunette TM Brass Rivet Original

Before Hasbro released their 12" GI Joe in 1964, toy soldiers were just tiny statues in plastic.  There was no posability to them.  An entire industry was born with Hasbro's Man of Action that had 21 movable parts!  These parts were pressure fitted together - making the complete doll....errr...action figure.  This process allowed the figure an infinite amount of poses. This process was great for kids of the day - but it creates a problem to adult collectors as the earliest figures all invariable have stress cracks from the pressure of the pegs that join them together.  Some cracks become so severe as to have pieces fall off the figure.  The majority of figures manufactured through 1969 would have rivets painted with a color that closely matched the color of the plastic.  However, sometimes one can find steel rivets that went unpainted. And, a boon to colletors as they've become highly desriable, the very earliest figures had rivets that were faux brass plated.  It is incredibly rare to find a "brass rivet" figure that has all 13 figures with brass rivets.  The brass rivets were used only for a very short time and when one finds brass rivets, they are generally just a few of the rivets on a painted rivet figure.

This listing is for a Brunette TM figure with brass rivets!

Get yours today!

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Nice brass rivet figure with 4 of 13 brass rivets! Nice double slotted shoulders!

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