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GI Joe 1964 1966 Figure Set SOTW #8101 Japanese Imperial Soldier Complete

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Item History (General)

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GI Joe 1964 1966 Figure Set SOTW #8101 Japanese Imperial Soldier

The original GI Joe American soldier was unique in appearance - and showed the 'hard life' he lived with the large visible scar that was featured prominently on his cheek.  When Hasbro came out with the 'soldiers of the world' line, they probably wanted to distinguish these foreign soldiers easily and left the scar of the face (in addition the face is a different sculpt).  There were 6 soldiers released - still not sure exactly what went into their final decision process in how they chose the particular 6).  The soldiers included:  German Stormtrooper, Japanese Imperial Soldier (with a unique Asian head sculpt), Russian, French Resistance fighter, British fighter, and Australian Jungle fighter.  The Soldiers of the World (SOTW) were marketed in two main ways - you could buy the figure with no accessories (small window box) and then the weapons (small card)...or the figure and accessories were available in a large window box. 

A complete Japanese Imperial Soldier would include:

  • Japanese Soldier of the World Figure
  • Japanese Helmet (usually incised HASBRO Hong Kong)
  • Japanese Uniform Jacket (usually tagged GI Joe HASBRO Hong Kong)
  • Japanese Uniform Pants (seldom, if ever, tagged)
  • Japanese Field Pack
  • Japanese Belt
  • Japanese Holster
  • Japanese Nambu Pistol
  • Japanese Rifle
  • Japanese Bayonet
  • Boots, short brown
  • Order of the Kite Medal

This listing is for a Japanese Imperial Soldier SOTW figure and accessories set.  Original 1960s Hasbro issued set.

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Item Condition (Specific)

Complete! Nice figure - just the tiniest bit of hair thinning. The medal has lost it's "ribbons" decal (typical as the glue dries after decades - even in the package, the decal is often off). Loop intact on bayonet. Really nice set.