GI Joe 1964 1970 #7405 MIB Talking Astronaut Complete (No Cap Version) C9+

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GI Joe 1970 #7405 MIB Talking Astronaut Complete (No Cap Version)

As with all things, the market must have become saturated by 1966 - so how to make it exciting for the G.I. Joe enthusiast of the time period?  Well, Mattel had successfully been market talking dolls for a few years.  Take a cue from Mattel, Hasbro decided making Joe talk was the "new" push they needed.  So, in 1967 a new GI Joe figure was released - the Talking Action GI Joe.  Once again, representing all 4 military branches.  By the end of the 1960?s, America took huge leaps forward in the space race with the astronauts landing on the moon.  Hasbro responded in 1969 with the first talking Astronaut.  Followed in 1970 by the Talking Astronaut with Life Like hair.  The 1970 talking astronaut included:

  • G.I. JOE Action Figure - with talking mechanism activated by pulling on his dog tag
  • White Flight Suit Uniform
  • Boots, White Waffle Style
  • Dog Tag, Pull String
  • Flight Insignia
  • Talking Instructions
  • Box Insert with Talking Phrases - Unique to 1970 version - the insert has the cloth cap removed from the astronaut headshot.

The astronaut had unique sayings.  The Talking Astronaut said the following phrases:

    1. Ten seconds to lift-off and counting
    2. We have ignition, lift off!
    3. Confirm second stage separation
    4. Entering lunar orbit
    5. Prepare lunar module
    6. Landing party now on moon
    7. Main chute is open
    8. Splashdown on target

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Item Condition (Specific)

Box is solid with light general wear. It has some edge and price tag tear glue wear. Figure is in nice condition - outfit is not white, a bit dingy with age. Talks well! Insert has small tear - but free from the common major tears we usually see where Joe is inserted. Original paperwork - including scarce bilingual instructions. ALL ORIGINAL!!!

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