Disney Hagen-Renaker 1950s Lady and The Tramp LADY Cocker Spaniel

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Disney Hagen-Renaker 1950s Lady and The Tramp LADY Cocker Spaniel

Of all the Disney ceramics produced, Hagen-Renaker made probably the most beautiful.  These "miniature" size figurines have a high level of detailing and great color which brings the figures to life.  A companion to the miniature figures is the Designer Workshop (DW) figures - upscaled and often multi-purposed as banks or cookie jars.  Produced mainly in the 1950s and sold primarily at Disneyland, these delicate figures can be very difficult to find undamaged.  Due to the age, crazing is fairly typical with these figures.

This is Lady the Cocker Spaniel from Lady and the Tramp and the film's main protagonist.  One of the most expressive of the Hagen Renakers - Lady is agog with surprise!!  How long will it be before I can work that word into a description again?

Please note there are occasional "camera spots" that show in the picture. These are light reflections. Unless otherwise noted, there are no cracks, chips, nor breaks!

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From the 1950s hit movie - Lady and the Tramp - comes this excellent rendition of Lady.  Designed by Hagen-Renaker in the 1950's, she is in great shape with no chips, cracks, or breaks.  Look how animated she looks!!! Too cute!!

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