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GI Joe 1964 1960s Nude Figure TM Redhead TRUE GUMMY SUPER SOFT HEAD

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Item History (General)

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GI Joe 1960s 1964 Figure TM Redhead TRUE GUMMY SUPER SOFT HEAD

Although many of those in the Joe collecting community throw around the phrase "gummy head" a lot, what most people don't realize is that there is a huge difference between the '69 patent pending soft heads and the soft/super-soft TM "gummy" heads.  The TM "soft" heads are far less common than their hard headed TM counterparts and show up on the TM bodies.  The "super-soft gummy" heads are much rarer than even the semi-soft heads. We believe they were made only for a short time in 1964.  These "super-soft gummy" heads are identifiable by their incredibly soft, vinyl rubber.  The heads are very thin and light and one can very easily squeeze them vertically  They are also quite easily removable from their neck posts. One thing that plagues the gummy heads - is that the paint on their heads doesn't adhere well - and most will transfer to box bottoms and the like - and will have severe bald spot problems.

This listing is for a Super Soft "gummy" head.  Identifiable by being able to fairly easily to squeese his head vertically! His head his easily removable from it's post.

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Item Condition (Specific)

Light, general wear.