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Lindberg Loonys 1971 Fat Max Glow Kit MIB Unused No Paint No Glue

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Item History (General)

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Lindberg Loonys 1971 Fat Max Glow Kit Boxed

The listing is for an original Lindberg Loonys 1971 Fat Max Glow Kit. In 1971, Lindberg reissued their 1965 Loony Lindy line of characters in cars - they changed their names and made the kits entirely in glow plastic. This is the list of 1965 kits and their 71 counterparts:

  • Satan's Crate became Dirty Devil
  • Road Hog became Fat Max
  • Big Wheeler became Sick Cycle
  • Scuttle Bucket became Bert's Bucket

The kits would reissued in more current years using Hawk's Weird-ohs name/line.

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Item Condition (Specific)

Light box wear. Kit meticulously checked - all present and accounted for! No paint. No glue!