James Bond 1965 Multiple Toymakers 007 ATTACHE CASE All Original C9+

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Bond...James Bond. 007 with a license to kill! Come on, we ALL loved him! You can hear the theme song playing in your head right now, can't you?
In the 1960s, there were quite a few collectibles put out for the James Bond fans out there. The Attaché Case by Multiple Toy Products might very well be the holy grail of them all. It is also one of the hardest to find in nice shape because it has so many parts and pieces!  The set included a bullet shooting pistol with stock extension, breach cover, scope attachment and a set of bullets; a 'Code-o-matic' contraption that needs to be in every spy's arsenal; a code book; a passport with cash; business cards, knife, and instructions - all in a bullet shooting case!  And to top it all of, it came in a nicely lithographed box sporting the BEST James Bond of all - Sean Connery!  This listing is is for a loose, ALL ORIGINAL set. 

Item Condition (Specific)


NOTE: The attache cases you see from other seller's claiming to be "complete" almost never are - or they are not functional or have damage or repro parts.  We meticulously check EVERY part for functionality and to ensure no damage and originality.

- Breach cover tracts - unbroken!! (Design flaw causes difficulties in putting on and removing the scope; causing the tracts to almost always be broken)
- Fires correctly and interior plunger works when fired!! (Rare to find still working!! - design flaw causes these to break fairly quickly!  Even when claimed to be "working" sellers often miss that it's just making noise - not really functional)
- Breech cover preset.

- Scope, stock extension, and barrel extension in great shape!

- writing pad (nice!!)
- "gold" plating (very little to no aging/wear)

Code Book
- C9+ Condition
- Cover decal: NICE!
- pad (Nice!!)
- 007 pencil present and with majority of paint present (the friction causes by using it to "lock" the code book actually strips the paint)

Case Styrofoam Insert

- blue Styrofoam has minor cracking in a few spots. Again, if you know the set, you'll know that the insert is VERY fragile and NEVER "perfect"

- light wear/aging
- hinges have replacement tape over factory tape remnants (we've had over 2 dozen of these through the years and it took us a couple of years to realize that the tape IS factory - yet tape deteriorates with age)
- cap firing mechanism (works great!)
- bullet firing mechanism (works great! - More often than not - the force of the spring breaks the plunger) - case latches (normal wear/aging to chrome mechanism)

- UNWRITTEN in (these almost ALWAYS have the kid's name and information in them - seems the first thing that little 'Johnny' did when he got it!)

- Near mint, complete with all currency (5 sets of each: 1's, 5's, 10's, and 100's - they never had 20's! Who knows why?)

Business Cards
- Near mint, complete with 6 cards

Passport Book
- Nice with no tears

- Typical aging but fully intact and difficult to find

- All 12 present and accounted for!!!!  ALL ORIGINAL!!

- Nice shape; light wear

Whew! That's about it. Because of the quantity of items, the zealousness of most pre-teen to early teen boys, and the pretty fragile nature of this, it is really tough to find this set in this condition!!

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