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GI Joe 1964 1975 AT #7406 MIB Talking Commander African American

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Item History (General)

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GI Joe 1975 MIB 7406 Talking Adventurer Team Commander with Life Like Hair and Beard - African American

As the 60's neared its end, America became more and more involved in a war abroad that was, to say the least, a bit unpopular with much of the American public.  To de-emphasize the military theme of the G.I. Joe line, Hasbro began reinventing G.I. Joe as an action adventurer.  As Joe moved into the 70's, his initial introduction had him still appearing in military style generic clothing but his accessories dealt with fighting wild animals, spying, among other "adventure" style activities.  Furthermore, Joe now sports a hair style that is more "life like" than just a painted head!  This is the African American version - SCARCE!!  Here?s what was included with this set:

  • G.I. JOE? Action Figure with Life Like Hair and Beard - African American
  • Combat Boots, Short Black
  • Fatigue Pants (untagged)
  • Fatigue Shirt (tagged "G.I. JOE ? BY HASBRO HONG KONG") - Green Beret style but only 2 pockets
  • Dog Tag - NEW Adventure Team style
  • Insignia - no longer a military insignia but a red, circle "A" - standing for Adventure Team!
  • Talking Box Insert detailing all of Joe's "sayings"
  • Shoulder Holster, black, with Pistol

Talking Adventure Team Commander says the following things:

    1. I've got a tough assignment for you
    2. This is going to be rough, can you handle it?
    3. We must get there before dark, follow me
    4. The Adventure Team has the situation controlled
    5. Set up team headquarters here
    6. Contact Adventure Team Headquarters right away
    7. The Adventure Team is needed in Africa
    8. Mission accomplished, good work men

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Item Condition (Specific)

Contents are nice with some minor hair/beard loss. Typical loose waist. Box has light wear with some vintage tape at a repaired corner. Insert not pefect but fairly nice for these. Hard to find!