Mego 1976 Superheroes Batman Star Trek Wholesale Price Order Sheet Original

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Mego 1976 Superheroes Batman Star Trek Wholesale Price Sheet Original

We love the old dealer catalogs and promotional ad sheets. Often times, you can see items that never made it to production.  Or spot rare/early variations.  Sometimes, things were even draw into the pictures as they weren't ready yet when the catalogs/brochures/ad sheets were distributed. These items were given to Toy Buyers/Retailers at Toy Fair every February and were not available to the general public.

This is an original order sheet showing Mego's 1977 offerings.  Measuring roughly 11" x 17".  Toy buyers would fill the quantities desired, give it to the Mego sales department - who would then forward it to the Mego warehouse to fill the orders.  Sheets were disposed of once an order was filled.  Making those few remaining ones quite rare.

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Nice shape with light wear.

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