Hanna-Barbera Tinykins 1961 Complete Set x7 Quick Draw McGraw Series Disneykins

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Marx Tinykins
In the early 1960's, Louis Marx licensed the rights to product a tiny set of figures (all under 2" tall) of many of the, then brand new, animated characters that appeared on the new Hanna-Barbera television shows.  The line was a companion line to their Disneykin line.  The Tinykins consisted of sets from the Flintstones, Quick Draw McGraw, Huckleberry Hound, Top Cat, and Yogi Bear. Louis Marx was a company that new how to sell and resell the same items.  The figures were available individually, sold in "playsets" with 2 dimensional backgrounds, TV Scenes, postcards, and one could also buy "almost" the entire set of 34 packaged in a large display box.

Hanna-Barbera Tinykins 1961 Set x7 Quick Draw McGraw Disneykins
The Quick Draw McGraw Tinykins set consisted of:

  • Quick Draw
  • Baba Looey
  • Doggie Daddy
  • Auggie Doggie
  • Snooper
  • Blabbermouse
  • Snuffles.

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