GI Joe 1964 1960s Figure Set MP M.P. Military Police Light Stitching Single Pock

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GI Joe 1960s Figure Set Army MP M.P. Military Police Light Stitching

The original GI Joe American soldier was marketed as an action figure in basic military fatigues purchased in a 2 part style box - accompanying him were various military outfits one could purchase separately to dress him in.  This is one of the sets produced during the 1960s for the American soldier - or as Hasbro put it: G.I. Joe Action Soldier.  This is an all original, 1960's Hasbro issued G.I. Joe complete Military Police Officer set.  It includes:

  • G.I. Joe Action Figure
  • M.P. Ike Jacket (Usually Tagged "G.I. JOE BY HASBRO") - SCARCE YELLOW STITCHING!!
  • M.P. Helmet (Incised HASBRO)
  • Web Belt with .45 pistol and holster
  • M.P. Arm band (Hook and Clasp)
  • Tan Billy Club
  • Duffel Bag (Usually Tagged "G.I. JOE BY HASBRO")
  • Red Dickey
  • Boots, Tall Brown

Nice set!

Item Condition (Specific)

Scarce version! Single pocket pants. Light stitching jacket. All original, 1960's Hasbro! Complete set!

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