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GI Joe 1964 1969 #7910 Adventurer Aquanaut Set

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Item History (General)

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GI Joe 1964 1969 #7910 Adventurer Aquanaut Set

As the 60's progressed, America became more and more involved in a war abroad that was, to say the least, a bit unpopular with much of the American public.  To de-emphasize the military theme of the G.I. Joe line, Hasbro began reinventing G.I. Joe as an action adventurer.  This was one of the first in the transition and was only available for 1969 (and very difficult to locate today).  The 1969 Aquanaut Adventurer is probably the hardest pre-1970 boxed Joe to find! Alas, no box here!  The set included:

  • GI Joe Action Figure, Patented
  • Sweater, Black, Fine Weave Turtleneck
  • Pants, Black with Front Pockets
  • Sailor Cap
  • Shoulder Holster, Brown
  • Lebel Pistol
  • Dog Tag with "bead" chain

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Item Condition (Specific)

NICE - all complete, all original 1960's HASBRO! Correct, 1969 Patented figure with "beauty mark" on forehead - quite common for these '69 heads to get these spots!