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GI Joe 1964 1960s Accessory.Army Marine Fatigue Marked 1-12 Caps x13 All Unique

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Item History (General)

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GI Joe 1964 1960s Accessory Army Marine Standard Fatigue Cap x12 All Unique Variations Original

What to get the vintage 12" GI Joe collector who has everything?

Listing is for a group of 13 all original 1960's HASBRO released Army/Marine standard fatigue caps!  A complete unique set is numbered 1 - 12, and an additional one with no number at all.  Reason for the numbering?  The numbers are there for quality control  When the caps were created, they were made on a plastic "tree" (think of the way unassembled model kits come) and then broken off.  12 caps to a "tree".  When a quality control issue appeared on one of the caps, manufacturing could easily identify which of the 12 positions had gone "bad" by the number in the cap! They could then either plug that position from creating caps - or repair what had gone wrong.

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Item Condition (Specific)

Nice wuth little wear.