GI Joe 1972 AT #7409 MIB Talking Commander Speaks French

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GI Joe 1972 MIB 7409 Talking Adventurer Team Commander with Life Like Hair and Beard - FRENCH CANADIAN

As the 60's neared its end, America became more and more involved in a war abroad that was, to say the least, a bit unpopular with much of the American public.  To de-emphasize the military theme of the G.I. Joe line, Hasbro began reinventing G.I. Joe as an action adventurer.  As Joe moved into the 70's, his initial introduction had him still appearing in military style generic clothing but his accessories dealt with fighting wild animals, spying, among other "adventure" style activities.  Furthermore, Joe now sports a hair style that is more "life like" than just a painted head!  This is the RARE French Canadian version - SCARCE!!

  • G.I. JOE French Speaking Commander
  • Uniform, Olive Green
  • Boots, Short Black
  • Shoulder Holster
  • Pistol
  • Dog Tag

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Item Condition (Specific)

Overall, nice set. Appears to have little to no use. Insert is nice with minor wear. Other than price tag tear, box is nice. Tough set to find!

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